Restoring Hope

When justice unravels, people are left vulnerable, exposed, and without hope. When people lose hope, they lose their reason for living, their ability to see beyond the current circumstances, and their desire to dream. GCO seeks to restore hope in these people by caring for their basic needs and reminding that they have dignity and worth regardless of their current life circumstances.


Veterans returning from active duty often experience a combination of physical, mental, and social challenges, including depression, PTSD, unemployment, and homelessness. GCO partners with Mayor Sam Liccardo’s All the Way Home Campaign to end veteran homelessness to secure housing for veterans experiencing homelessness


Homelessness is one of the most visible and prevalent issues in San Jose, with over 4,000 people experiencing homelessness here. Through partnerships with Meet the Challenge and other community-based organizations, GCO serves the chronically homeless through meeting basic needs, such as providing meals, clothing, haircuts, and showers. For homeless individuals hoping to make a positive change in their lives, GCO assists in providing job training and referrals to support them in their next steps.

Foster Care

Foster children are some of the most vulnerable children in our community, having experienced abuse within the home. They are often at a higher risk of experiencing teenage pregnancy, unemployment, homelessness, human trafficking, and incarceration than children raised in a supportive home. GCO provides support and referrals to partner organizations for those interested in becoming a child advocate or resource family, or getting involved in other ways.